Lavender Meadows & Lemon Zest

Bring the relaxing aroma of fresh cut lavender and bright lemon into your home to manifest clarity and calm. Grounding, clean and uplifting.

Flowering Daphne & Sweet Basil

Dreamy and ethereal, this aroma is complex and clean. Top notes of blooming, herbaceous daphne dance with middle notes of violet and sweet basil on a grounding base of sage. Float away with this soft, sophisticated floral.

Coastal Lilac & Oakmoss

Inspired by oceanside walks at Acadia National Park in Maine where time stops. Meander along the rugged Atlantic coast as the sun rises. Sweet, blooming lilacs peek out of the earthy forest to entwine with refreshing ocean air. Earthy and floral.

Moonlit Sky & Cedar Smoke

Deep waters reflect the moon as seductive tobacco and cedar smoke linger in the air. Masculine, dark and alluring. A sultry, intoxicating fusion of salty plum, smoky tobacco, and cardamom spice with a hint of warming amber.

Lavender Latte

Inspired by Spyhouse Coffee's signature Spygirl latte. Top notes of coffee and creamy steamed milk blended with subtle lavender and almond. A year-round soothing and refreshing pick-me-up. An elegant treat.

Dinner on Broadway

Complex, and mysterious, this intriguing scent beckons to come closer. Dinner on Broadway for two by fire light on a rooftop lounge. Top notes of smooth cherry brandy with middle notes of eucalyptus, anise and intoxicating spices. Undertones of leather, patchouli and musk.

Dark Decadence

Indulge in a classic pairing of chocolate and wine. Top notes of citrus and black currant merge with velvety port wine. Middle notes of earthy fig-imbued patchouli with a hint of white peppercorn. Each sip of rich port wine and nibble of dark cacao unveils pure decadence of this fruit-forward and irresistibly comforting fragrance. Embrace an invitation to savor life's most delectable moments.

Alpine Evergreen

Crisp forest air, frosted pines and and majestic Alpine slopes. Evocative of invigorating winter air: Swiss Pine, Blue Spruce and Fraser Fir. Refreshing, festive and enduring.


White pumpkin spiced just right with everything nice. Top notes of citrus rind and sweet cream mingle with notes of warming cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. This comforting aroma invites you to practice gratitude, whether alone or when family and friends gather near.

Fireside Mulled Cider

Get cozy fireside and slowly sip a mug of fresh, mulled cider. Top notes of crisp orchard apples and black currant spiced with ginger give way to middle notes of tuberose and cinnamon clove. Base notes of white peppercorn with deep port wine. Warming, comforting and carefully curated for sweater weather.

Sweet Autumn Cranberry

Tart yet sweet cranberries spiced with clove, ginger, anise and cinnamon bark. Middle notes of black peppercorn, cedar, and geranium. Woody undertones of cherry, patchouli and vanilla oak. Spiced cranberry at harvest time.